Katharina Morik

Katharina J. Morik has been Professor for Artificial Intelligence at the TU Dortmund University 1991 – 2022. As a pioneer of European machine learning, she contributed to inductive logic programming, genetic algorithms, automated learning, support vector machines, and probabilistic graphical models. She collaborated in several European projects and networks of excellence and was in the founding first steering committee of IEEE ICDM and still is in that of ECML PKDD. She has been leading the Collaborative Research Center 876 on Resource-Aware Machine Learning with 20 Professors and 60 Ph D students. The CRC 876 was approved for the maximum of 12 years. She is a Fellow of the German Society for Computer Science and member of the Academy of Technical Sciences and the North-Rhine Westphalian Academy of Sciences and Arts. Together with Stefan Wrobel, she founded the Lamarr Institute for Machine Learning and AI, one of the five institutional AI centers in Germany.


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Bastian Zimmermann, Holger Hoos, Katharina Morik, Eva Wolfangel, Ulrike Köppen