Krishna P. Gummadi

Krishna Gummadi is a scientific director at the Max Planck Institute for Software Systems (MPI-SWS). He also holds a professorship at the University of Saarland. He received his Ph.D. (2005) and B.Tech. (2000) degrees in Computer Science and Engineering from the University of Washington and the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, respectively.

Krishna‘s research interests are in the measurement, analysis, design, and evaluation of complex Internet-scale systems. His current research focus is on understanding and building fair, accountable, and transparent social computing systems. Krishna‘s work on fair machine learning, online social networks and media, Internet access networks, and peer-to-peer systems has been widely cited and his papers have received numerous (13) awards, including the Test of Time Awards at ACM SIGCOMM and AAAI ICWSM. He received an ERC Advanced Grant in 2017 to investigate ”Foundations for Fair Social Computing”.


Societal Computing: What Digital Data Tells Us About Society
Nicolas Kayser-Bril, Steffen Kühne, Ingmar Weber, Katrin Weller, Krishna P. Gummadi