Stéphane Horel

Stéphane Horel is an investigative journalist at Le Monde. As an author of several films and books, she specialises in corporate harm, toxic industries, conflict of interest and scientific disinformation. In early 2023, she supervised the European map of PFAS contamination of the "Forever Pollution Project". Her long-term investigation on the European regulation of endocrine disruptors was shortlisted for the Albert Londres Prize (2016) and received the Louise Weiss Prize for European Journalism (2017). Her series of articles on the "Monsanto papers", co-authored with Stéphane Foucart was awarded the 2018 European Press Prize for Investigation. In the past years, she has worked on environmental pollution, pesticides, Big Tobacco and Big Alcohol, and is trying to improve the world at the margin with cross-border investigation. She also loves cheese...


How to build an international conflict of interest database
Stéphane Horel, Holger Wormer, Gary Fooks, Ioana Manolescu, Tom Mills
Vortragssaal II
The Forever Pollution Project, or how to practise “peer-reviewed” journalism
Stéphane Horel, Holger Wormer, Luc Martinon, Sarah Pilz